Podcast 001 – The Top 10 Online Technologies to Grow Your Business

By March 24, 2014 Podcast

Are you looking to save time, energy and money? With the following technologies you’ll be able to focus more time on activities that produce profit, work smarter instead of harder and see greater results in your business.

10. Image Editing

The way your graphics and pictures look can make or break your professional image. Image editing allows you to create professional looking graphics for your business.

  • Dr. Pic is easy to upload and edit pictures that need some tweaking.
  • Pixlr has advanced tools that work exactly like Photoshop.
  • FotoFlexer is the easiest to learn and has all of the features you would ever need for editing images and graphics.

9. Video Conferencing

If you need to meet with your team, clients or customers without traveling, video Conferencing allows you to do that.

  • Go to Meeting is simple to use. $49/mo
  • Skype is the most popular and it’s the most reliable. If you need to group video conference with 10 participants. Premium account $9.99/mo.
  • Google Hangouts offers group video calls with 10 participants for free.

8. Online Document Collaboration

Editing documents with others can get confusing and time confusing, sending the same revised document back and forth via email. Online Document Collaboration allows you to edit one document in real time with others.

  • Zoho is simple to use and you can password protect your documents.
  • Google Docs is very popular and allows you to edit Microsoft Office documents for free.
  • Microsoft Office Live is great because of full capability of the actual Microsoft programs and preservers all of the formatting of real Microsoft Office programs.

7. TeleSeminars

If you want to lead a live seminar and reach over 100 people, without leaving your office, TeleSeminars allow you to do that online.

  • Free Conference Call is free as the name says and simple to operate.
  • Instant Teleseminar allows live PowerPoint presentations, but at $47mo, it may be a little pricy for most small businesses.
  • Talkshoe allows you to upload PDF presentations and it’s FREE.

6. Online Advertising

Reaching your target customers can be challenging. Online Advertising allows you to target those who are looking for what you sell.

  • Bing Ads is a Microsoft platform so it’s very reliable.
  • Google Adwords is great because of it’s ease of use and it high market reach.
  • Facebook Ads allows you the most precise targeting because you can reach people based on age, interest and gender.

5. Social Media Management System

Managing Facebook posts, a twitter account and a blog can be time consuming. A Social Media Management System allows you to update all of those within one system and one location.

  • SocialOomph gives you access to all of your social media accounts in one central location.
  • TweetDeck allows you to monitor all your social media account activity.
  • HootSuite is the most popular and very simple to use and manage.

4. Online Video

Online video is more than 60% of all online traffic. It allows you to communicate more effectively than any other form of online media.

  • YouTube. There are many video sharing sites on the web right now, but no
    one even comes close.

3. Email List

Too many small business focus on one time sales vs. keeping repeat customers. An Email List allows you to stay in communication, build loyalty and long term relationships.

  • Aweber inexpensive and highly customizable.
  • Constant Contact provides attractive email templates and data to track the effectiveness of your emails.
  • iContact provides attractive email templates and data to track the effectiveness of your emails.

2. Ecommerce

You have to get paid, right? Ecommerce allows you to get paid instantly, anytime, anywhere without going to the bank and cashing a check.

  • PayPal is widely used and has no monthly fees.
  • 1 Shopping Cart is great because the database keeps track of all customer activity, and can you can send custom marketing messages automatically. $34 /mo.
  • Infusionsoft is the most powerful system for managing a database of customers. $199 /mo.

1. Website

There are many different ways to build a website.

  • Weebly is a powerful drag and drop site creator that makes high-quality sites.
  • Wix makes it simple to go online with a professional and functional site with no coding.
  • WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.
  • Theme Forest is where I buy all of my premium WordPress themes for the sites I build.