Veterans: Turn Your Ideas Into Income Online

Monetizing the Net for Vets

  • There are over 573,000 unemployed veterans who want to work or start a business.
  • The Monetizing the Net for Vets book empowers military veterans to create more American businesses.
  • You can help empower our veterans.

Details of the Book

Monetizing the Net for Vets: How military veterans can start a business and make money online

  • 10 chapters
  • Over 300 pages
  • Ways to find help to build your online assets
  • Resources for building your website
  • Proven strategies for marketing online
  • Techniques to get higher Google visibility
  • Guidelines for making profit with social media


Eliminate the counter-productive thinking that derails your progress and undermines your results, so you create a rewarding business you love instead of one that drains your time, energy and money.


Understand who your ideal customers are and uncover the core problems they want to solve, so you give them exactly what they want and need and attract them to you in droves.


Create or REFINE your unique selling proposition or “USP”, differentiating yourself from your competition.

Showcase the products and services that solve your audience’s biggest problems.


Use the power of delegation and find the types of team members you need at every stage of development.

Discover the power of systematizing your business so it’s easily repeatable by you and your team to bring in steady revenue, keep costs down and allow you to take home more money at the end of the day.


Leverage easy-to-implement strategies to sell your products and services in ways that don’t require massive, up-front investment.

Build your status as an authority in your chosen field and learn how to gain more credibility, boost your believability and create a highly respected brand.


Turn your website into your 24 / 7 sales machine by offering the top converting offers so that your visitors happily opt in and become leads for your business.


Leverage Google’s search power to bring floods of new customers to your web pages.

Implement simple-to-use technology to automate your common business activities and free yourself from the mundane, day-to-day tasks that suck up your time and leave you unfulfilled.


Build passive income streams with your products and services. This allows customers around the world to buy your product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while you are awake, asleep, or doing whatever you love to do.

Offer valuable online content that fuels your marketing processes and draws the perfect clients’ right to your business, establishing the trust and authority.


Discover more effective social media techniques so you can stop doing things that no longer work.

Understand how to make a profit by identifying the different stages, actions and tools needed in the sales funnel.


Pinpoint your ROI daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with my custom built Social Media Profit Calculator.

About the Author

Allen Foreman headshot author

Allen Foreman is a United States Marine Corps veteran and is known as The Online Business Technician. Since 2000, he has been developing and maintaining online businesses. He has been the webmaster and technical support specialist for a multi-million dollar company since 2008. His responsibilities include developing websites, building online sales pages and producing social media content.

Over the years, Allen has worked with dozens of business owners in several different roles. Project manager, social media manager, and webmaster are the jobs he performs most often. His clients include New York Times Best Selling Authors, radio & television personalities and award winning actresses.

Allen studied psychology at San Francisco State University and San Diego State University. He later studied multimedia and web design from the Art Institute of California in San Diego, CA. He went on to study online business and Internet marketing from industry leaders.

In addition to serving clients, Allen loves creating training materials for his students. He leads live seminars and teaches hundreds of online students.

His mission is to empower thousands of small businesses to enjoy greater levels of success.

Contact him at

Accolades and Praise

“Allen has been an amazing partner to create an incredible online marketing presence. His expertise and quality work has been a sure blessing to my company.”

Lisa Nichols The Breakthrough Specialist, New York Times Best Selling Author, CEO of Motivating the Masses Inc.

“Allen has been an essential part of our team this year! He has gone above and beyond the call of duty! His professionalism and his communication has far exceeded my expectations. I believe that Allen’s cost is a revenue generator vs. a cost, because the work he does help us create more money faster! He has been a true blessing to our organization.”

Susie Carder President, Motivating the Masses

“Thanks Allen… it’s exciting and crazy growth in my business. I’m super grateful to the pro’s like yourself that helped me get here!.”

Tamara Romeo Founder and CEO, San Diego Office Design

“New to Social Media? Cannot figure out where to begin when it comes to you marketing your business online? Look no more! Allen has taught me more about web site, social media marketing than any book or video has taught me.”

Camille Kooi Realtor, United Brokers Group

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